We invite you to share your story of restoration in Christ. Please briefly describe your old unrestored life, including your attempts at self-restoration; your moment of full surrender to the Restorer; and your new life of authenticity. Please share how God is using you to lead others toward restoration. Thank you for helping others find Restoration Road.

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43 Stories

  1. Susan I Anderson

    Every year my husband buys me a new journal. Since my birthday is near the end of July I use it from August through the end of the next July. Every year God gives me His spiritual goal for my life for that year. This year He told me It would be a year of restoration. This actually was scary for me. I envisioned going through all of the awful hurts and bad situations in my past. I questioned what He would restore me to. There wasn’t a time in my life to be restored. He tole me not to fear because He would be walking me through it. The He revealed that complete restoration by God is restoring us to what He placed in us while we were in our mother’s womb. His DNA so to speak. His plan and characteristics. When we come into this world other DNA gets mixed in by what we experience. Then we get born again and become a new creation in Christ. Washed clean of other DNA from the world we are excited by this new life and new journey. Then comes circumstances and hurts and we struggle with seeing ourselves as God sees us in Christ. It has been emotional as I allow myself to be vulnerable to His restoration. Taking the areas of hardness. The holding back so the hurt isn’t so big. About this time I found Restoration Road on TV. I had never heard of it before . What a positive honest program that fits into my road of restoration in my life this year. I have been able to share and pray with people what God’s restoration really is. Hoping to put this into a Bible study. Keep going Mitch.

  2. Keep up the excellent operate.

  3. Chaz Anth

    At the beginning of 2020, my boyfriend and I of 2 years and I broke up. I was heartbroken but realised God wanted this for me. He realised I had fallen into depression and was anxious and there was no one who could get me out of this slump. I was heartbroken and saw no hope, I became suicidal and no longer had the will to live. But after the break up I launched a successful networking business, a successful podcast with my best friend and by the grace, mercy and forgiveness of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, he softened both my heart and my boyfriend’s heart and brought us back together just in time for my graduation fro law/business school. God is my miracle work, way maker and my light in the darkness. The relationship between Christopher and I is stronger than ever. He has blessed us with a God centred and filled relationship. I truly believe God will make a way for all those who believe. I am so grateful and I am no longer depressed, I have also been blessed with an amazing law graduate role. I just want to tell you, that season of sadness depression and struggle you may be going through GOD WILL PROVIDE FOR YOU! He has got this amazing plan for you. I declare miracles, blessings and restoration over all your lives. AMEN! I thank you God.

  4. Jeff Gulachek

    It all started back on February 12,2018. My day started like any other day. I woke up showered went downstairs to get my morning coffee and take our dogs out. This day then took a turn I dropped the dog leash bent down to pick it up and found myself struggling to get back to my feet, 30 minutes later my wife came down and found me laying on the kitchen floor unbeknownst to me I suffered a massive stroke. The next year and a half changed my life forever, I still struggle with my faith I try to live by the saying walk in faith and not by sight. As you might think that can be quite challenging. Though I will have things happen that remind me God loves me and is challenging me, this has been very difficult for my family and me. Every Sunday I wake up to turn on the TV to hear the message that God has prepared for me on that particular day, today was you. I can’t imagine how many other people are going through what we have and they need to be reminded how your life can change just believe and hold on to your faith God does love us. Thank you

  5. Carrie Barker

    I was born into a family of addicts and raised by addicts- both drugs and alcohol were a prevalent part of my life from day one. As one may have assumed, where there is addiction there is also abuse. I and my 3 siblings were subject to all manner of abuse and neglect and this was life as we knew it. I didn’t know Christ as a child. I was never told of this Messiah who came here to save each one of us, at least not until I was 41 years old. I struggled with addiction for over 27 years of my life. At the age of 40 I became homeless and lost everyone and everything in my life. It was only then, when I was completely broken that Gods light was able to shine into my life. God led me to Simonka Place in Keizer Oregon, a part of the Union Gospel Mission of Salem. I became a disciple in their New Life Fellowship recovery program, and 18 month program where we have classes, both academic and biblical, 35+ hours a week of work therapy, vocational rehabilitation, weekly counseling sessions and room and board for the duration. I found Jesus! He inclined His ear to me and heard my cries! I never knew I could be this happy! 25 months ago, I was sleeping behind a dumpster with a needle in my arm. Today, I work for the Union Gospel Mission, helping other women break free from homelessness and addiction through the transforming grace of Jesus Christ! I thank Jesus every day for showing me the before and after of my life. To Him be the Glory of this transformed woman! Hallelujah!

  6. Thomas Tallman

    I was raised in a Christian home, and attending church was important to our family. Since becoming an adult I have lost touch with the church, but I have not lost my faith and my belief in God. He has answered many prayers. I was brought back to God in 2007 when I was diagnosed with Cancer. Surgery was scheduled the very first of 2008 and thought to be successful, but a year later it was back. I ended up at I.U. Indianapolis in the hands of some of the best Doctors in this nation. I remember prior to surgery I looked at my wife and told her if I didn’t make it that I loved her and my children. 10 hrs later it was over. I made it I pray to God every day and thank him for all the blessings he has bestowal on me. I now try to support others fighting the disease of Cancer. I watch Restoration Road every Sunday morning . Thank you for your program.

  7. My story is about a non-profit organization called “The Wannabees”. In 2003 my sister, my three daughters, my son and his wife, her brother & sister,a friend and myself, decided to do a Bible study. We named ourselves “The Wannabees” because we wanted to be like Jesus (and still do!). We also wanted to be mission oriented so once a month we did a local mission (with a goal of someday doing a mission trip) and the other three weekly meetings were spent on the Bible or a book about the Bible. We started with “The Purpose Driven Life” which caused me to start praying about my purpose even though I thought I knew it; I was a mother, wife, grandmother, business partner and involved in church. But I wanted to know if all my busyness was God’s purpose. In 2009 my husband and I took our four children, spouses and 9 grandchildren to Jamaica for a vacation. Through that vacation God made it possible for us to meet a wonderful man who had a mission group working at an orphanage. My daughter asked if they needed help. They advised us to visit; we did. That summer the Wannabees did their first mission trip to Jamaica. Since that trip, we have led 10 other groups helping at two orphanages and in 2013 began helping at nursing homes also. Leading a mission group really was not what I had in mind; I never considered myself a leader but it has been an amazing journey of spiritual growth with God. Our goal of blessing others by sharing God’s love always blesses us more.

  8. Pastor Joe Hostetler

    Extending what JESUS CHRIST has done inside our temple with RESTORATION ROAD teaching about the 4 chambers of our heart. The main point I need to bring out is learning the truth about RELATIONSHIP in CHRIST JESUS and how important that really is not only with DADDY FATHER but with BROTHERS and SISTERS. Our relationship with my own wife being one in Spirit and one in flesh. You can have that understanding in both your heart and mind but not be completely surrender in your Spirit which I found out was my big problem and then I repented and that open the door or gate for the SPIRIT to complete HIS work inside our body. THANK YOU JESUS CHRIST>

  9. Patrick Dittert

    I grew up in a small town in Iowa. Approx. 500 POP.

    The alcohol flowed freely in our community, my folks were at the time not Christians.

    We were raised in a church, that did not teach being born again or being saved. It was ritualistic and as dead as a the sand in the desert.

    So as I grew up I was introduced to alcohol and was forced by a man older than I, that called himself my friend and he almost killed me. He abused me sexually for years and forced alcohol on me.

    God had his merciful hand on me even then. As a teenager, I saw myself preaching to the local church, of which we were not members and men sat on one side and the women on the other.

    We did travel a lot on vacations every year. We went to a new destination or family reunion.

    Through all of this I had tinges of the word preached at me. My folks would listen to James Voice, on Sunday Mornings while getting ready for church. They occasionally listened to Oral Roberts as well. I can remember him being on the TV. Fortunatly my Mom and Dad did come to know the Lord later in life.

    Through my teen years they were in the turbulant 60’s and early 70’s. I went to the public school in our community and everyday was dreaded because I was the slow kid the one everyone made fun of, and wanted nothing to do with. My MOM always said pay no attention to them. I didn’t listen to her. After years of being teased, by the kids in school I exploded, kicking one boy in the stomach 6 or 7 times as I go

  10. Kereama Williams

    After a Manifest Presence Conference In Auckland New Zealand (Bill Johnson, Randy Clarke,

  11. Joe Hostetler

    I had JESUS CHRIST heal our mind and set me free from demons. When I first saw Mitch TV program I went and got his book and study and started reading and much in my mind was out of order and needed to be put in order and His teaching really help get that job done. Then I got to meet him in person several years ago and I have watch his program ever sense and it has been a very big BLESSING in our life. Thank you Brother Mitch for your friendship. Joe Hostetler

  12. Joe Hostetler

    The Healing of my mind and set free from Demons.

  13. Bill Hahn

    God delivered from blindness, diabetes, kidney failure, cancer, coma and seizure’s on New Years Day of 2009. He gave me his mission in me on that day. I have been blessed. Not only with my second chance at life but my second chance at first time faith. The Feeling That I Feel Inside is … You !

    I was awakened on New Years Day of 2009′ after five hours of life restoring surgery. My eyes were opened by my Gift of Life transplant transcendence I rose to not only a new day and a new year but a new life. I was delivered. God, my donor family, my family, fiends and doctors had given me a new lease o life. I bore witness to my own salvation. As I rested in my bed of revelation I wondered what was in store. I thought … what will I do with such a blessing ? I had been to the edge, I had made my peace with the Lord. I had experienced first-hand His divine intervention. I was blessed to be alive.
    I am not sure if it was the medication, or my contemplation when a heavenly vision appeared within the fabric of the hospital wall I saw an image, a face, an uplifting spirit and felt the undying pulse of faith in my soul. Biding my time with baited anticipation I grew in my physical and spiritual strength. God had given me time for reflection and time to accept His mercy. My thoughts traced the foot prints which led my here. The blindness, the diabetes, the coma, the seizures, the kidney failure, the dialysis and the cancer. Through God I became better not bitter.

    ( James 1:2) Consider it a pure joy, my brothers and sisters, when ever you face trials of many kinds.

    I purged my pride and tried to make sense of it all. What mission had god planned for me ? By all human judgment I shouldn’t be here … but here I was …Why Me ? This kind of soul-searching is not rare for those who have been to the edge and reached thei point of their own prophecy. Some are unable to accept the gift of life … they feel unworthy. The can’t escape the guilt. Thinking … a life was lost so mine could be saved. Some can reveal in the Gift of Life. They are destined to share the grace from whom it was given.

    ( John 15:13 ) There is no greater gift one can give, than to give up ones life for a friend.

  14. Christine Ward

    Live in emotional/verbally abusive marriage fueled by alcohol. Charming during day. Am totally stuck and have for 40 years not been able to confront loving!. Just recently been able to write a couple of confronting loving letters .I so desperately have wanted to be able to talk face to face but the words get stuck undoubtedly due to fear. Please tell me how one gets free to be open , honest and face to face confrontation. Live under same roof but separately. ? Listened to your mmessage ” Leading the aggressive through listening “several times and read the scritures. Desperate to be able to get words out that need to be spoken. With gratitude. Christine

  15. john schell

    I really enjoy the Restoration Road program. I have been on this road now for 38 years coming out of the hippe and drug culture of the 1970’s. Jesus has taken me to places in this retoration process that I would have never chossen, but to work Christ in me it was surly necessary. I have been to many of the Kruse auction’s and was a Corvette restorer in years past, so I have hands on experience of what it takes to dismantle a car to every nut and bolt. I liken that that to my life as God has taken my life apart piece by piece to restore that back from what sin had done. Blessing’s to the Restoration Road. john schell

  16. Steve

    I came to a crossroad in my life, where I had to choose.. try to make a broken marriage work, or just let it go.
    I considered both options, and was left feeling like an empty shell, whichever way I turned.
    I knew I loved my wife, and the boys, but felt there was nothing I could do to salvage our lives together.
    Truly, I was broken hearted, and the only one I felt I could turn to was God.

    I wanted to talk to someone, but did not want to air my life within my inner circle of friends.
    I had been watching Restoration Road in the morning, before going to work. I emailed and asked for prayer.
    This request was granted. I was also praying on my own, for God to help me. I had made holy vows before God
    when I was married, and needed help with a difficult situation. God granted me the answer to my prayers.
    He works miracles. I could not have imagined how someone’s heart could be changed through prayer,
    yet He did this. Do not doubt Him.

    I would like to thank you for those prayers, and for the message you convey each day, on your program.
    Your ministry has brought Christ into my life, and I can feel the change.

    God Bless you.

  17. Steve

    I had just started watching Restoration Road at 3:30am in the morning, for a few weeks, before going to work. It was uplifting.
    While I believe in God, you couldn’t say I was a practicing Christian. I tried to do the right thing, most of the time,
    but was trying to restore myself on my own. As Mitch says, this does not work.

    Recently, one evening, no different from any other, my wife got home from work. She said we needed to have a talk.
    When we did, she said that she was not happy, and that we were two different people, living in the
    same house. At the end of the conversation, she said that she wanted a divorce.

    We had tremendous financial problems, and I lost my home, after renovating it for resale.
    My wife resigned from a high paying job for ethical reasons, and we were unable to pay our bills.
    Two educated, hard working people filed for bankruptcy. That was hard.

    Having lost my father and mother in the last few years, I was now about to lose my
    wife and family. I was devastated..

    I did what most people do in this situation. I turned to God. Isn’t it amazing that we ignore God, until we are in the worst possible situation,
    yet when we turn to him, he is there ! In desperation, I contacted someone, that I don’t even know.
    That person responded to me, and prayed along with me.

    The very next day, my wife told me that she had had a change of heart, and that she did not want to
    walk away from our marriage. Pray from the heart. The Lord listens.

  18. Dino Mascione

    I was married for 20 years till my wife Mary was diagnosed with cancer in 1996 but passed away in 2000
    I was left with 4 children I had no help as there was no one. 3 boys and my youngest 7 yrs being my daughter
    I did not know what to do the night she passed I prayed to God for help
    The next day I got on with everything organized my bisiness and my family
    It was hard and I don’t know how I did it
    The love of a mother was always missing but I did the best I could and they have grown into fine people, one is a pilot for an international airline. I gave up my life for them and have often asked The Lord to take me when my children were ok
    Although I still have my challenges I feel so close to The Lord that I am not afraid to die knowing my children will be ok
    I feel The Lord pulling me closer to something but I don’t know
    There is a lot more but I believe my Lord is seeing me thru.

  19. Stephen Ashford

    Cynthia and I first married on October 16, 1988. Neither of us had a personal relationship with the LORD Jesus Christ. After eight years of marital turbulence including verbal and physical abuse, infidelity, alcohol abuse and the blessing of three awesome children, we separated for five years and then divorced for three years. We got radically saved before we separated and received a WORD from the LORD informing us that He had given us a marriage of reconciliation (restoration)! On July 30, 2005 we remarried after eight years of separation and divorce according to the WORD of the LORD Jesus. Our story is recorded in our new eBook titled Jesus 101 – A Marriage of Reconciliation at There were five notable miracles along our restoration road. First Cynthia was raised from the dead in 1993. Second, the LORD Jesus radically saved us in 1995, one month apart. Third, the LORD Jesus healed and delivered us from a number of things. Fourth, I lived abstinent for eight years. Fifth, the LORD fulfilled His good WORD and reconciled Cynthia and I. We would love to share our story of marriage restoration with your audience!


    Associate Pastor Steve Ashford
    New Beginnings Deliverance Ministries

  20. Tracy

    My husband and I have been yo yo Christians for many years-
    We new God but never really had a relationship with him. We moved out to a very tiny town that has been taken over by RX drugs and alchol, I myslef use to be a big drinker and the Lord delivered me of it 5 years ago, My husband was addicted to weed. We moved out here a year ago. We walked away from the church and started back into the life of drugs n drinking Bing again.It was the most darkest time of our lives. We were so miserable we decided we need to get back to church.We started back to church again, our lives were changed like never before- we had to completley surrender ! God gave us a vision to build a Gospel Barn with a settlment my husband was getting- Of course we had our own plans with the money but God showed us its for his glory. God gave us the Scripture of Jer 1:17-19. In just the last month God has changed us more than in the last 13 years of trying in our own strength. I was not at all happy with God about this- I had my own plans- but once again I had to surrender to HIS will not mine- Now he is giving me alove for this place and God’s vision for our Gospel Barn. It will be up n running in the next month. Very excited about seeing sould saved- That has always been my biggest hearts desires is for God to use us to lead ppl to the Lord. It will show ppl exactly what there looking for that they will never find in drugs or alchol.
    God is an amazing Father! He is the only father I have personally known

  21. Ariel L. Laforteza

    When I was in the Church last 21st of November 2010, I closed my eyes and shouted to the Lord through Worship, I was so amazed because the HOLY SPIRIT is in me, I can’t explain why I’m chilled as well as shouted like a Trumpet, and He Lead me to Worship God, The Holy Spirit, Hallelujah! Amen.

    Before I don’t want to worship God, I was very self – pity person and I don’t want to talk to the person around me. I couldn’t talk if you don’t talk to me, and later on God used me to share His gospel. Right now I’m still knowing and loving God more. And the blessing I’ve never forget is the “LOVE OF GOD” I can’t explain His works into my life, and some of my relatives, friends, as well as the person I do not know their name in my street called me a Pastor but I do not know why.

  22. Ariel L. Laforteza

    In 10th of August I decided to enrolled in the BBCA Camp, because my friend invited me to join in the Bible students Camp. Before I enrolled I have a lot of struggles with my relatives. Because they want me to work, and my cousin said, you should find a job, and my uncle also said, what are the benefits in your church ?, but I’m still worshiping God and loving and knowing more, and one of the most blessing is the Provision of God in my Finances, I don’t have work and I live with uncle’s House and next my cousin’s House as well, this is my present House. I want to stay and live with my family but I need to give up my dreams as well as with my own family especially this coming Christmas Celebration and the coming celebration as well, It’s fine as long as I serve God here in Manila, Philippines. It’s been 12 years I don’t celebrate the Christmas with them, but it doesn’t matter, as long as I serve God, I remembered in the BBCA form, what do I think your calling ? my answered, Pastor or Missionary, I do not know why but right now I’m still asking God for my calling here on earth, God changed my life little by little, and now I am one of the Youth Coordinator in our Foundation, as well as Youth Leader in the Youth Ministry as well as in the Shepherd Christian Church, here in
    Novaliches, Quezon City, Manila, Philippines.

  23. Ariel L. Laforteza

    My life before well, I’m always inside the bar looking for love, and Altar Server in 3 years of service in the Catholic Church , that was my handsome look with other girls, and I always looking for the attention of new girls in the bar as well as in the Catholic Church, and when I was 15 years of age I raped, and after that I want to die, but I can’t, and then I asked God what His purpose and why I’m still alive, but when I realized God knows everything, my life before was no direction, because I don’t have Jesus in my heart although I know Jesus, but Jesus doesn’t recognized me before, after I go to church with my girl friend we sex together she was 15 years of age and I was 16 years of age. Is that you called that I’m a servant of God. NO!

    but when I started to join in the Camp at Iba, Zambales, Manila, Philippines. I was so amazed, first because God brought me to the people who love God very much, Because I accepted Jesus Christ in my heart when I was 20 years of age, I chilled and I do not know why, and the Pastor said, who want to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, I raised my hand. That was 22nd of May. Pastor Vincent Vicencio the speaker.

    In April 2010, I became a Volunteer as a Follow – up Team in the Camp with Dir. Nichelle , and May 2011 last Summer Youth Camp God gave me another task to assist the Campers in the Camp as a Assistant Camp Director with Bro. Alexander Raganit

  24. Hello Mitch! I really enjoy your ministry! I’m not sure how my story fits with your ministry but here goes. I’ve been a born again Christ follower since 1990. My family are also believers with the exception of my father. Now my father grew up as a Catholic but is not attending church. I’ve prayed for him for years and recently began reaching out to him to build on our relationship with the hope I could speak into his lift the truth of the gospel. The method I choose was for he and I to campaign a vintage race car on the vintage road racing circuit as he and I are old club racers. I’m happy to say it’s really helped dad and I reconnect and begin to build on our relationship while at the same time have a great time together. We’ll see what God does from here. I’m praying for restoration of my dad with his heavenly father. Thanks for your unique format towards spreading the message of restoration.

  25. MG

    No story yet. Still waiting and praying, while wishing things could end.

  26. My parents belonged to an old line denomination and every week all six of us kids were dragged to church. I loved going though. I loved the whole church scene, but I was not a born again Christian. In fact in the 18 years I attended that church I never heard the term “born again.”

    After a stint in the Navy during the Vietnam era, I returned to my hometown and married my high school sweetheart. After nearly five years of marriage though she had had enough and decided to leave me. I was devastated and sought counsel from a pastor of that old line denomination. He offered me nothing but dead religiousity. Then I was invited to a little “on fire” Baptist church where the young pastor said “you must be born again” and I figured maybe if I was born again my wife would return to me and life would be wonderful again, so I went forward, knelt at the altar and received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. My wife’s reaction was 180° from what I had anticipated. She said she didn’t want to be married to me before my “getting religion” ” and she was darned sure she was not going to be married to a “Jesus freak” and she divorced me.

    That was 36 years ago. I met and married a wonderful Christian woman the next year after the divorce and life is REALLY wonderful now with God as my Father and Jesus as my Saviour. I am a mamber of The Gideons International and a substitute Sunday School teacher at my church.

    I am so thankful that God choose me.

    Ben Jones

  27. miranda flynn

    I was baptized into Christ in l969 at age 20. I was a member for over 20 years of the Worldwide Church of God. Our church believed, wrongly, yet sincerely, that we should keep many Old Covenant laws including tithing, Feast days, unleavening our houses at Passover, etc. We did not understand the New Covenant completely. At age 45 my husband,who was a minister in that church, and I were laid off along with several other ministers because the church changed many of these beliefs. This resulted in many members splitting away. Money was tight, but this was the best thing that ever happened to me. I spent all those years being a “busy” Christian, serving God as if just a “servant” and not a precious child who was loved individually and specially by my Father. After leaving the ministry, a mature woman in the church told me to think on one Scripture–John 17:3–“This is eternal life, that they might know thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ His Son”. I had read that many times and it never made any impact on me. This time, it hit my heart as if God had come down Himself and said those words to me. For some reason, I have never been able to free my mind from that Scripture. I have now spent these last 16 years asking God how I could become one in mind and heart with Him as Jesus was. Bottom line is that I have had to be stripped of all my pride, vanity, worldly idols over the years. It has been costly, but I believe I now know my Savior and Father intimately now.

  28. Thomas Emery

    My story begins in 1985 when a dream comes true to become involved in Nascar Winston Cup Racing. Growing up in Pa., it was difficult to land a job in NC. But God was faithful, even though I didn’t see it as His intervention at the time. In 2001, the church I was attending was sending a mission trip to Africa to “build a church”. I could do that, I enjoyed building things. What I didn’t know was that the church’s idea of building a church, was hut to hut evangelism. That was totally out of my comfort zone, but I decided to commit to it anyway. I truely felt God was calling me to do this. This was the greatest decision I ever made.In 2003 I decided to retire from racing, and become an instructor at the Nascar Technical Institute. Again, out of my comfort zone. Currently I am looking to start a school doing restoration work, and customizing of cars by students. The world gives us choices all the time. It is up to us to decide if they will glorify God, or the world. My school will be called Transformations, and I have written a bible study cirriculum to go along with the build, based on 1 Corinthians 12, where Jesus tells of the one body with many parts. My vision would be that a student comes into the school with an open mind, and leaves with an understanding of how cars are designed to work together, and God has designed us all to work together for His cause.

  29. Joe Odhiambo

    Dear Mitch Kruse;

    Thanks a lot for the interview; Bay and I really enjoyed spending time with you, and know that I really love your book. I just finished reading it. You have a lot of great information in the book, and I just love your Bible references. You must have spent a great deal of time reading the Bible inside out to find all those cool references. I love your concept of the cross representing the relationships between God and man vertically, and human and human horizontally. I never thought of looking at the cross from that perspective. If you don’t mind, I would like to borrow your concept next time I am out ministering.

    Also, I am amazed at how a person of your caliber who has met the rich and famous, traveled the world, and made a boatload of money is still humbled and a great soft-spoken Christian. I have a bunch of observations and questions that I came up with after reading your book that I will email you later. Great book, I will surely recommend it to my clients.

    Joe Odhiambo

  30. John

    My dad left no forwarding address or child support when he left in 1972. I was 3. In 1998, God placed the verse “Honor your father..” into my mind and wouldn’t release me from it. I couldn’t believe that God would ask me to honor the one who left us. The years of Welfare & Food stamps would boil into a rage. How can You ask that?

    After six months of waking in the night, I conceded. I purposed to meet my dad. Within two weeks of that decision my cousin on my dad’s side contacted me. My wife and I drove out to meet my dad in Missouri. I used to dream of this meeting when I was young. I pictured him as Mike Brady. Surprisingly he was closer to Fred Sanford.

    God blessed our relationship & I grew to love him over the next decade. Our two common denominators were Christ & Golf. He held all of my children with the exception of our last and they knew their grandpa and I knew he was proud of me.

    Dad passed away Dec 7th, 2007. Three of his five children were present at his funeral. As I stood and quoted the verse that began this journey, I looked at our extended family in the pews and realized that this is what God had always desired for me. He is the Restorer.

  31. Pastor Kathern Thomas

    I would like to share my stoy on how God restored me from an abusive marriage. God is now using me as a pastor to counsel many women and help lead them to restoration with His Word. I have a book that just came out this week called, “Private Hell/Publi Ministry”.

  32. Chris

    I live in Villard Minnesota, a small town of about 250 people. I grew up in a Christian home, attended a Boy scout troop when I was young through a Assembly of God church and accepted the lord into my life when I was 9 years old. I got married to a beautiful lady that lived near by in 1996 and we now live 18 miles from Alexandria in a little town called Villard. God has Blessed us with 3 wonderful girls. Growing up my dad always owned a 1946 Plymouth coupe, so I grew up loving cars. Four years ago I started a Business called Dream Cars. I buy, sell, and trade vintage & muscle cars. About 3 years ago I went through what seemed like hell and back. I wasn’t running my business God’s way, I was selfish, a non giver and hoarded everything to myself. Very early that next year God said that’s enough and I lost my house and cars and pride. I had to learn to surrender my life, family, finances and Dream Cars to the Lord. I had to start over but God knew that it would turn out better and I would be a better person for him. I started putting a Gospel tract in every car I sold about 2 years ago and one morning I felt like the Holy spirit said put a Bible in this next car. From then on I put a small New Testament in the glove box of every car I sold. Yesterday, at the end of a sale I handed a guy a small Bible and told him how I was Saved and believed in God and that He lives in my heart. God is good! Our Wednesday morning Fellowship of Companies is also going through your book too!

  33. I want you to know I have been reading your book and the Lord has really been using it to talk to me. It has been a life changing read for me. The Lord has really given you a great insight to the heart and all of life flows out of it. Thank You for being used by the Lord. I know he has much in store for you. If I may be a blessing to you in any way please let me know.

  34. derek

    Lakewood Park Video from mitchkrusetv on Vimeo.

  35. I am a parent of 5 children three of which were present in March, at Lakewood. All three of my children went forward. When my children came home that day they said, “Mom, the most amazing thing happened in chapel today! You could physically feel the presence of the Holy Spirit!” They proceeded to share their stories, and exclaimed you have to go to County Line on Sunday & hear Mackenzie’s story. Unknown to you, Mitch, was the fact that our family has been undergoing a tortous restoration process. I have been on death’s door for most of three years, culminating last year with an infection that left me a parapalegic in May of 2009. I was told by 3 doctors I would never walk again – it appears after I finish recuperating from a surgery I just had I will be able to walk fully on my own. The day after chapel I went to see Bill Moore at Lakewood. I had really been struggling with anger – not something that I have struggled with throughout the three years. I unleashed a verbal torrent of angry words that I hurled right at Bill. The next day at church Clare preached about full surrender to Christ. I cried through the whole service and then cried all afternoon with my husband. I was waging war with God to completely surrunder. We got to County Line late and walked in as How He Loves was playing & immediately began to cry. I hope I have the opportunity to share the rest with you, but am about to run out of characters!

  36. I am a SS teacher in Atlanta GA, Seminary Grad, Ordained minister and car guy. My wife and I teach about 50 young married people and are blessed with 25 years of marriage. Thanks for creating this book! I’ve been wanting to start a home church and am introducing the men in my neighborhood to Bible Study through this book. Women will go but often not men so this is a great resource. Our new town Sandy Springs is trying to start an auto museum and I’m trying to help as God leads. If it ever occurs, I want to make certain that your message is a part of the experience in some way. Well, actually it is Christ’s message, but you are a good tool for Him!
    God Bless and thanks for the step in faith that has led to your journey with Christ Jesus.

  37. derek

    Mitch Interviews Tony Dungy from mitchkrusetv on Vimeo.

  38. jody

    Hi.My name is jody.I will just start from the beginning of finding forgivness.I was 14 yrs.old when my life changed.I had been staying with my oldest sister and was ask to baysit for their friends while they went to a christmas party.The couple had a 5 yr. old son and one on the way.So I went over to babysit for them and was very attracted to the man of the house.I was shy and never spoke much.My whole family were like that also.I was brought up strict and to obey your parents.The friend’s husband picked me up and took me to their house in the same town.I did’nt know him very well had just seen him a few times visiting at my sister’s home and noticed him and was attracted immediatly to him.He was 7 years older than I.They gave me instructions on babsitting and the wife was in the other room Bob approached me and kissed me in the hallway.I fell in love at that moment.Bob would then pick me up and I would skip school and this went on for about 3 months.Bob was planning on a divorce from his wife.We picked out ring and outfits and I was happy.Then I became pregnant and my parents and family found out.I had told no one about bob and I.So my parents stepped in and I never seen bob again.My dad had threated him to never come around his daughter ever again and he didn’t.So I went through my pregnacy we did not believe in abortion Thank GOD for that.When I was in labor I was sick and the baby was sick too.I was in the hospital for 11 days as well as my daughter.I was never allowed to touch or hold my daughter and on the 12 day she took a turn for the worst.The Doctor that delivered her never told me anything.He would speak to my Mom.I was only 14 at the time and under age.So how I found out she had gotten worse was when my Mom came to the house and told me they had transported my daughter to another hospital and for me to sit by the phone and if she got worse the hospital would call my parents and they did at 2 am and we took the drive to the hospital and it was to late.The hospital called us into a room and told me I could hold her and say goodbye.I held there for the first time and told her my goodbye.oh it’s so painful to lose a child and being a child too.The hospital ask to do an autopsy so it would help another child and I said yes.My parents took me home to grieve away my daughter.My Dad had already told me before she was born that I was a disgrace to our Mom just stayed quite.A few days later I heard my mom on the phone and someone on the other end was talking about abortion.I thought my Mom was speaking to Bob about our daughter.Mom never said anything to me I just assumed it was him.Then the wall of hate went up and I never wanted to see Bob again ever.I blamed him for our daughter’s death after I got the autopsy report and I carried the hate for 35 years.It took me 3 years to get over Bob and a lifetime to get over losing our daughter.I never spoke again his name till almost 3 years ago and how that all started was on Valetine’s day my daughter walked into were I worked with a single rose and a book title purpose driven life and I thought about picking the book up to read about 2 weeks later and could not get past the first page and I ask my friend whom had read the book already I ask Louann what the book was about she said I can not tell you this until you read for yourself so I put the book down for about 2 months then opened and read the first 4 pages and had to put it down I cried because God needed me to read it and when I read the first 4 pages I talked it over with my Mom about the phone call years ago about someone saying abortion.I said Mom I have hated Bob all these years for wanting me to have an abortion with our child and Mom said what? Jody it was not Bob on the phone that day it was your Doctor and I’m sorry I didn’t sue him for saying you were to young.I have never felt so ashamed for hating my first love the way i did but I had really never spoke of the loss of my child and my first love to anyone before.See how it was twisted all those years.for 35 years now!!!Wow One phone call and I hated him for half my life now.So I hung up the phone to Mom and finished the book and God showed me forgivness to a man I so loved and father of my child.My wall was torn down and I started looking for my first love.I looked for 3 years and finally one day I found his sister and we have spoke by e mail several times.she gave Bob my number and he called 2 months ago and it was the hardest thing to bring up all the loss of my life. You may never know how scared I was when his voice came over the phone.I didn’t know if he hated me or if he would ever accept my forgivness.I was shaking scared.How precious is his name for on the other end was a kind and gentle voice that said you have nothing to be sorry for!!!.I cry as we speak for what if Bob had passed away and I could not ask for my forgivness to him?I am still overwhelmed 2 months later and maybe for the rest of my life.Ihave spoke to him and have seen him once his voice never has changed.he looks older now with gray hair.The love is still there but he has been happily married for years and I am so glad he is happy and life has been good to him.For me on the other hand I am still at loss over my last 35 years that I could never have searched for him because the wall I had in my heart no one could break through.The power of God took it down through a book and if not for my daghter giving me the book and Bob’s sister giving him my phone number,and Bob saying you have noyhing to be sorry for where would I be? Hate would still be in my heart.God showed his mercy on me and allowed me to know that I was not a disgrace to have a child so young but that It was a honor to be my daughter’s Mother.God has a plan for my life and if this story helps one person I thank God for the great love for my life,my daughter’s life of 12 days here on earth but forever in heaven.and for my first love that will abide forever and Painful as it is and still is God will guide me through with strength.I will adjust to God’s plan and his will.God Bless who ever reads my personal story.Praise and Glory to God I am whole again..

  39. Ann Collins

    Hello, My name is Ann. Restoration is a continual process and I have not yet arrived. I too, like Mitchell grew up in a Christian family. However in my teen years I chose to take a trip on the dark side. Thirty plus years after this trip God is still smoothing out the dents and holes in my soul. I heard once about how great it would be to hear a testimony of an adult that trusted in the Lord and did not succumb to the darkside. He may have several dents and dings, but is not taking a major part of his adult life to overcome his disobedience. I pray that teenagers today will shoot for such a Godly goal. Since we are approaching March Madness, let’s imagine our life as a high school basketball game with 4 quarters. The second quarter (teen years) you don’t screw up so bad! You don’t have to play catch up in the 3rd quarter and fight thru the 4th quarter to make that last shot in the last minute to win. This may sound like a exciting game, however struggle and heartache come with it. Not only for the player but for his whole team. If teenagers today can look at their life as the 2nd quarter and trust in the Lord. Then in the 3rd quarter they can blow out the competition and rest in the 4th quarter when the second string goes in and completes the win. No one is perfect, but you could save a large part of your adult life with God helping you help others versus God helping you pick up the pieces of a disobedient past. Because of my stupidity I was a mess in the 3rd quarter. I thought if I could get people’s approval than I would be valued and worthy of love. One of these attempts of self restoration I tried, was accumulating real estate. Because of my husband’s good salary, the banks loaned us the money to purchase 1 million in real estate in 1 year. Boy I thought I was hot stuff! We got to walk across the stage, meet the big wigs and feel like VIP’s. Little did everyone know that I was on the verge of a complete breakdown. I had to maintain and manage this real estate, my husband already worked 60 hours per week and we had 3 children. I could do it! I am a VIP! They said so on stage! WRONG – crash and burn! One afternoon I picked up my son Jonathan, I didn’t really crash and burn in a car accident, but I wanted too. If Jonathan was not in the back seat I would have drove in the other lane and race into the huge red Mack truck. But I didn’t, God helped me drive home and call for help. The next 72 hours I spent in lockdown in the mental ward of the local hospital. God’s been patiently working on my full surrender to Him ever since. Thank you God for not giving up on me. God, I pray for your strength thru the Holy Spirit to all the teenagers today, help them to stay true to your son Jesus Christ. I don’t want them to waste the 3rd quarter picking up the pieces. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


  40. Grezy & Diana

    Grezy & Diana from Derek Williams on Vimeo.

  41. Hazel

    Hazel from Derek Williams on Vimeo.

  42. Jessica

    Jessica from Derek Williams on Vimeo.

  43. Suzanne

    This is my story

    Suzzana from Derek Williams on Vimeo.