Restoration Road Introduction

As we travel this side of life, none of us arrives anywhere by accident. We choose, think, pray, and feel our way down a road of desires and intentional acts that bring us to our destination. We program our internal GPS to guide us to one of two places: destruction or restoration. Which direction are you heading?

Sand, Stone, and Clay

Whether we are CEO’s, blue-collar workers, stay-at-home moms or dads, college graduates, or freshmen in high school, we all have old patterns in our lives that we would like restored to new. The challenge we face is answering the question, “How do we restore what’s old in our lives to true authenticity?”

Something Of Value Is Lost

How do you find something of value that has been lost? How do you surrender your life to the Restorer to unlock your gate to Restoration Road? Learn how to join the Restorer in order to discover the clay in your dirt-road journey.

The Curio Cabinet

Our childhood journeys are littered with defining moments. A brief look backward gives us indicators of the conditions of our hearts: sand, stone or clay. Both sand and stone provide the beginning stages of self-restoration. What would happen if you chose Christ’s heart of clay?

Rock-Star Auctioneer

Regardless of our licentious attempts at renewal, our hearts of sand slip through our fingers as our personal and professional lives continue to free-fall. Still, we have no idea that a storm is on the horizon — a storm that could crush our riotous living into a million little pieces.

The Tradition of the Ring

As sand hearts, we interpret Christianity as a set of moral values instead of wisdom that can be applied to our marketplace lives. We lose sight of the fact that God cares about every facet of our careers, including every encounter with another human being…

The Raid

Whether we are fighting temptation as the Restorer’s low-pressure system of protection looms on the horizon, or whether we are in the midst of a storm, foolish-hearted sin is not a dead end without hope. We can walk with the Restorer against the author of evil in the midst of the hurricane…

Pride is the Lock on the Human Heart; Humility is the Key

Full restoration has a way of bringing us face-to-face with our pretense and inner addictions. The most valuable commodities in the world are locked in boxes to keep others out. Will you unlock your heart to let the gentleness of the Restorer in?

The Restorer’s Water

The Restorer flows through us and changes a culture thirsting for authenticity, the design of the Designer. The flow of the Holy Spirit’s water transforms each one of us who fully surrenders his heart, desires, and life to Him.

Restoring Our Four Desires

When we fully surrender our hearts, desires, and three resources of life to God, He satisfies our desires. We discover that we are not the ones restoring; rather, it is Christ in us and working through us.

Restoring Our Time, Talent, and Treasure

Fully surrendering our time, talent, and treasure to the Restorer is evident when we use our gifts received vertically to serve others horizontally, so that they connect vertically with the grace of the Generous One. If the Restorer is truly dwelling in us, then our three resources of life will reflect His generosity on Restoration Road.

The Restoration Begins

The Restorer offers us an alternative to a sand or stone response. He offers us living hope, confident assurance of life eternal and abundant in Christ that results from full surrender of the old life we once lived.

The Loss of a Friend and Life’s Transitions

If we bend the knees of our hearts to the Restorer, He unlocks our individual gates to Restoration Road where our vertical relationship with God intersects with our horizontal relationships with others. Restoration Road is filled with sand and stone speed bumps where we continue to surrender our new tragedies and triumphs to the Restorer as we live in wisdom.

Restoring Others: Every Encounter Is A Three-Way Call

Trade your condemning heart of stone or your careless heart of sand for a soft heart of clay that is connected with God and others. Every encounter is a three-way call. Whereas pride causes static on the line, humility offers a clear connection.

You Shall Not Steal

What rules, regulations, and stipulations have you added to or subtracted from the Restorer’s message of heart transformation?

The Gate, The Road, The Destination

When the Restorer unlocks the gate of your heart with His Master Key, He will rebuild your communion with God, restore your community with others, and use you to renew your culture with both. All you need to do is bend the knees of your heart to the Restorer and say, “I can’t. You can.”

Changing the Scorecard of Our Lives

Just as the physical heart is comprised of four chambers, so the spiritual heart is comprised of four chambers remembered in the acronym, WISE: Will, Intellect, Spirit, and Emotions.