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We do not want to risk the cost of our time, talent, or treasure, and we do not deem ourselves competent to pray. Consequently, we work offline from God, limiting our encounters with Him.

Worship Team Training Interview

Worship Team Training interview with Mitch about restoration, authenticity and social justice beyond Sunday morning! Click here to listen.

Restoration Road Chapter 10: Restoring the Four Chambers of the Heart

The lock on the spiritual heart is pride. That hard-heartedness leads to foolishness, the antithesis of wisdom. Pride leads to choices that separate us from restoring the four chambers of our spiritual hearts. How will you flip the switch of your heart? Download Worksheet

Restoration Road Chapter 5 & 6: The Deal Maker & The Greatest Auction

The pursuit of our desires apart from God causes us to neglect our faith because we seek satisfaction of our desires from elusive pursuits apart from God. How have you been loosely chosen, thought, prayed or wanted satisfaction of your desires? Download Worksheet

Restoration Road Chapter 2 – Something of Value is Lost

Do you fear you’ve wandered too far away from God to receive His love and forgiveness? Mitch reviews Jesus’ family tree to prove that no one, absolutely no one, is beyond God’s redeeming love.

Solomon’s Cycle of Conflict

How conflict presents a choice that leads to change which affects community that creates conflict.

Living Hope

How to restore a living hope through surrender (1 Peter 1:3-9). Listen Now!