Outside In Versus Inside Out Living

On Restoration Road, we are reminded that Christ the Restorer came to earth to inaugurate the kingdom of heaven, the biggest restoration project in the universe. He came to restore the unique expression of the Designer in each one of us.

Unfortunately, we turn away from that design. Often times, we sign up for self-restoration, which takes place from the outside in. We think that if we go somewhere, we can do something, and then we will be somebody without first addressing our hearts or our desires. This is diametrically opposed to God’s design. Referencing the Pharisee’s futile outside in restoration attempts, Jesus said, “First clean the inside of the cup and dish, and then the outside will be clean” (Matthew 23:26).

Living restored to authenticity occurs from the inside out. This is the be-do-go of full surrender. Who we are designed to be determines what we are designed to do, which determines where we are designed to go. Who has God designed you to be? What has He designed you to do? Where has He designed you to go?

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