A friend of mine experienced the adrenaline rush of driving his Maserati Spyder from a service appointment to his picturesque suburban Texas home where he parked the rolling sculpture in his garage. After making sure his Italian beauty was tucked away, he hopped into his wife’s vehicle and headed to their local Einstein Bros. Bagels […]

The Restorer’s Prayer

Each of us travels Restoration Road or Desperation Road. The pathway depends on the condition of our hearts. Jesus told a parable of seed that scattered on the road, the rocks, the thorns, and the good soil. In His story, Jesus sowed the seed, which was a picture of the word of God. The substance […]


A few years ago, I boarded a plane to the Orient. A friend had invited me to speak about sand, stone, and clay in one of the most unexpected places. Fourteen hours later, I stepped off the plane into the humidity of the Philippines. Over the next seven days, I shared my journey on Restoration […]