The Restorer’s Prayer

Each of us travels Restoration Road or Desperation Road. The pathway depends on the condition of our hearts.

Jesus told a parable of seed that scattered on the road, the rocks, the thorns, and the good soil. In His story, Jesus sowed the seed, which was a picture of the word of God. The substance of the ground was emblematic of the condition of the heart. The path was imagery of a hard heart. The rocks illustrated a shallow heart. The thorns resembled a heart desiring other things. However, the good soil represented a soft, humble heart, one that was cultivated by the Holy Spirit (Mark 4:1-20).

Regardless of where your life has taken you, your story is not finished. In fact, the next step always provides a new beginning. There is one road that leads to a life that loves God and loves others. It is the road that you were designed to seek, the authenticity discovered only on Restoration Road.

You can respond to the Holy Spirit’s work in your life by humbling your heart to Him. He will restore you and use you to bring His restoration to others.

This week, start and end every day with this prayer.

When my heart is hard help me to sow
Where my heart is shallow help me to grow
Whatever my heart’s thorns help me to let go
And the Restorer answers,
“Listen to Me speak, I knock at your door,
Seek Me, find Me, I will give you more.
Loosen your grip, return to Me, I will restore
When your heart is open, into your life holy rain I will pour.”

Episode 147: Listening Amidst the Noise with Curtis Smith from mitchkrusetv on Vimeo.

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