ABC Encourager: Builder

Chris Schenkel, the ABC Encourager, was a builder. I remember many times when he built me up. However, one occasion stands out above all the others. Many years ago, I shared with Chris that I had been thinking about moving away from the business. He stopped me in mid-sentence, something he had rarely done. “No […]

ABC Encourager: Aware

Can you think of a person who has encouraged you? Now think of someone who discouraged you. Which one most resembles you? Encouragement is a catalyst for each of us to journey forward on Restoration Road. Cor is Latin for “heart.” Therefore, “encouragement” means “to restore another’s heart.” Encouragement breathes life into the heart; whereas, […]

The Father’s Approval

I discovered that as an adult, when we obey a parent, we assimilate not only their assets, but also their liabilities. Perhaps that is why the Bible calls us to “honor” our parents when we become adults, not to simply just continue to obey them. The book of Proverbs gave me a filter to discern, […]

Two Minutes

Have you ever had to wait when you didn’t have time to do so? Several years ago, when I still owned my company, I was unnecessarily delayed at my office, and it frustrated me immensely. Immediately, I left the facility and began an internal audit. As a recovering perfectionist, I began an exercise that had […]

Restoring People

After the Jewish captivity, Nehemiah rebuilt the Jerusalem wall, Zerubbabel rebuilt the temple, and Ezra rebuilt the people. While God was restoring my company, I realized that He had shaped my heart to be like Ezra’s. I had a passion to rebuild people. I attempted to place relationships ahead of remuneration, people ahead of profit. […]