Restoring the Four Chambers: Emotions

Our emotions represent the spiritual heart chamber of our feelings. These are the multiple reflectors of the light in us. A simple way to categorize our feelings is: mad, sad, glad or afraid. In order to fully surrender our hearts to the Father, we must feel like it. We must want to bend our knees […]

Restoring the Four Chambers: Spirit

The spirit is the lead heart chamber of our prayers. The Bible refers to the spirit as the lamp of God used to search our innermost beings (Proverbs 20:27). Prayer is the connection of our heart with God’s. In essence, it’s being online with the Creator. In order to humbly surrender our spirits to the […]

Restoring the Four Chambers: Intellect

The intellect is the spiritual heart chamber of our minds, or our thoughts. In order to unlock the gate to wisdom, we must humble our minds to God. The humbled intellect is a light that illuminates our hearts. King Solomon said, “The fear of the LORD teaches a man wisdom, and humility comes before honor” […]

Restoring the Four Chambers: Will

The will is the spiritual heart chamber of our choices. Nearly every action is preceded by a choice. In order to experience wisdom in our lives, we must surrender the will, or our choices, to God (Proverbs 8:10). In essence, it is the flip of a switch. Jesus surrendered His will to the Father. Just […]