Sin’s Trifecta

The first sin was followed by the world’s first self-restoration program. I call it “sin’s trifecta”: (1) Adam and Eve were ashamed because they had been swayed (Genesis 3:7), (2) they hid because they were afraid (Genesis 3:12-13), and (3) they blamed because they disobeyed (Genesis 3:12-13). Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden tree […]


When a vertical line intersects with a horizontal line, four quadrants result. These represent the four chambers of the spiritual heart. We can remember them with the acronym, WISE. The first chamber is the will, the chamber of our choices. The second is the intellect, or the mind, the chamber of our thoughts. The third […]

Outside In Versus Inside Out Living

On Restoration Road, we are reminded that Christ the Restorer came to earth to inaugurate the kingdom of heaven, the biggest restoration project in the universe. He came to restore the unique expression of the Designer in each one of us. Unfortunately, we turn away from that design. Often times, we sign up for self-restoration, […]


CLAY is an acronym that helps us remember how to live with a humble heart. First, we confess to God our proud sinful hearts of sand or stone. Second, we learn His design for our lives from the Bible. Third, we apply what we learn from the Scriptures to our daily tasks and relationships. Fourth, […]