Sin’s Trifecta

The first sin was followed by the world’s first self-restoration program. I call it “sin’s trifecta”: (1) Adam and Eve were ashamed because they had been swayed (Genesis 3:7), (2) they hid because they were afraid (Genesis 3:12-13), and (3) they blamed because they disobeyed (Genesis 3:12-13). Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and from that point, we have determined for ourselves what is right and wrong, a move that has imprisoned us in sin’s trifecta (Genesis 3:1-6).

Have you attempted to satisfy your desires by setting yourself up as god in your own self-made kingdom? Have you trusted in your giftedness rather than His godliness? God the Designer is graciously offering you the opportunity to be restored to authenticity when you surrender to Him (Genesis 3:15, 22). Surrender sin’s trifecta and freely receive His forgiveness and restoration today.

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