Service that Leads to Surrender

Do you love good service? Maybe you enjoy being served at your favorite restaurant or resort, but have you ever thought about why? The answer will compel you to serve others. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus described service that leads to surrender (Matthew 5:13-16). In essence, Jesus said that who we are to […]

Satisfied are the Persecuted

When you are insulted, persecuted, or slandered for your full surrender to Christ, do you endure or give up? The source of the insults might be a spouse, co-worker, friend, or foe. In any event, he is threatened by full surrender to Christ because he doesn’t want to surrender something. When this hardship for our […]

Satisfied are the Peacemakers

Do you have unreconciled, relational conflict? Conflict is defined as two objects attempting to occupy the same space at the same time. God designed peace for our relationships (Genesis 1:28). With sin came negative conflict (Genesis 3). Negative conflict includes at least one foolish option. It is internal — our sinful nature and the Spirit […]

Satisfied are the Pure in Heart

What do you add to your devotion to God to satisfy your desires? The equation usually looks like this: (God + __________ = satisfaction). What do you place in your blank? It might be money, sex outside of God’s design, porn, risk, a rush, a smoke, a toke, a drink, or a line. It might […]