The Curio Cabinet

As I called my first auction, my voice cut through the public address system, echoing into the air. On the block was an old curio cabinet. “One hundred dollars. Now one-fifty.” Hundreds of bidders watched as Grandpa Russell shouted to stop me from dropping the hammer at too low of a price, “Wait, Mitchell! Is there anything else you can say about this curio that might enhance the bid?”

Conducting my on-the-job training in front of the crowd, he communicated something that radically altered my perspective when he said, “Mitchell, if I can get you convinced, I can get them convinced.” After selling the curio cabinet for ten-fold my original bid price, I reflected on Grandpa Russell’s words.

God is saying the same thing to us. If we could become convinced of His restorative grace and wisdom, then He could use us to advance His kingdom in others (1 Peter 3:15). If I can get you convinced, I can get them convinced.

For more, watch The Restoration Road with Mitch Kruse, Episode 4: The Dirt Road: “If I Can Get You Convinced, I Can Get Them Convinced.”

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