Moses & God

On Mount Sinai God revealed to Moses that He was indeed gracious, which is translated from the Hebrew root word chanan, meaning “to bend or stoop to one who is inferior.” In spite of our sin, the Restorer bends to us in order to engage us, the undeserving, with His love.

Moses’ response to the grace of God on Mount Sinai was the only affirmative posture one could take in order to receive unmerited favor. In an act of self-examination and surrender, he not only bent his physical knees, but also submitted to God’s glory and presence: “Moses bowed to the ground at once and worshiped” (Exodus 34:8).

The Hebrew word used for “worship” is shachah, the term most frequently translated “worship” in the Old Testament. It means “to bow down.” In order to receive grace, we like Moses must bow down and humbly receive it from the One who stooped down to us in order to extend His loving offer.

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