Successful Relationships

What’s your definition of success? Often, we keep score by power, prestige, or profit. Author and speaker, John Maxwell, defined his measurement of success as: “Those who know me best will love and respect me the most.” How would embracing this definition transform your relationships?

Years ago, when I owned an auction business, I decided to make this my benchmark of success. As a recovering workaholic and money addict, I began to prioritize the most sacred relationships that I had neglected, searching for ways that I could travel less or even schedule my family to accompany me on business trips. We became the beneficiaries of the Holy Spirit realigning and restoring our relationships to His original design.

Solomon taught, “A greedy man brings trouble to his family, but he who hates bribes will live” (Proverbs 15:27). Is it time for you to start living? Change your definition of success from power, prestige, or profit to one that prioritizes your relationships with your family. God will restore them to His original design.

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