Four Primary Desires

Four primary God-given desires reside in each one of us. Every choice, every thought, every prayer, every feeling is connected with every investment of time, talent, and treasure by the heartbeat to satisfy these desires. It’s why we click, buy, sell, or act. We see them in the very first book of the Bible.

The first primary God-given desire is significance, which comes from being created in God’s image (Genesis 1:27). The second desire is contentment from being blessed by God to be fruitful, multiply, and subdue (to bring contentment to) the earth (Genesis 1:28). The third desire is control from being empowered by God to rule over the earth (Genesis 1:28). The fourth desire is security from being provided with every seed-bearing plant and fruit-bearing tree (Genesis 1:29-30).

God has given us these desires for a purpose: to be satisfied in Him and to bring a saving knowledge of that satisfaction to others. Too often, we pursue the satisfaction of these desires apart from God, leaving us dissatisfied.

Today, ask God to show you any insignificance, discontentment, lack of control, or insecurity from pursuing life apart from Him and surrender it to the Restorer.

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