Why do you initiate conversations? Is it solely for your benefit? What would happen if you initiated communication simply to know others, to learn about their needs, to understand their desires, and to build relationships rather than focus on any remuneration or return?

Community is something that money can never buy.

When you discover the satisfaction of your desire for significance in the love of Christ, you take that love to others. You initiate conversations with your customers, prospects, friends, and family. You get to know them, ask questions and listen, rather than attempt to work those relationships for your benefit. You do it just for the sake of relationships — storing up treasures in heaven rather than storing up stuff on earth (Matthew 6:19-21).

When your spouse, family, friends, associates, and those in need connect relationally through the way you serve them, then you will find satisfaction. You will be significant. You will be loved.

Seek intimacy with your customers, vendors, employees, employers, family, or friends as you pursue intimacy with God. Read a chapter in Proverbs each day corresponding to the date of the month, applying this wisdom to your tasks and relationships, including your finances.

When life is centered in Christ, as we become clay in His hands, we discover that His love is greater than our desire for significance.

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