The one thing we are guaranteed on the journey down Restoration Road is change. Each of us has been locked in pride’s prison of pretense from separating the vertical from the horizontal, our relationship with God from our relationship with others.

It often looks like this. We maintain a legalistic stone heart on Sunday and a licentious sand heart Monday through Saturday. In fact, we often think that Sunday stone will restore us from our Saturday sand-hearted sins, but it doesn’t work that way with God.

The Master Key that unlocks the gate to Restoration Road has been inside us all along. It is cross-shaped. When we humble ours heart to the Restorer, we begin life with a clay heart, one that is malleable in His hands of change. This leads to a humility in horizontal relationships that transforms ours desire from foolishness to wisdom.

Jesus’ half-brother James wrote: “Humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you” (James 1:21).

Today, humbly accept the word of the Restorer planted in you. He will renew you by working from the inside out so that those outside will come in. This is the ripple effect of His restoration. He will restore your heart, desires, and life as He restores your communion with Him, your community with others, and uses you to restore your culture.

Episode 97: Delivered with Linda McCrary from mitchkrusetv on Vimeo.

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