Love, Learn, Live the Word (Proverbs 9:10)

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding” (Proverbs 9:10).

Love the Word
When conflict arises, do you respond wisely? Would those closest to you characterize you as an understanding person? The Bible offers us wisdom for managing conflict, including understanding that only our loving God provides.

Learn the Word
Conflict can be defined as “two objects attempting to occupy the same space at the same time.” When this occurs, we need wisdom. The fear of the Lord, referenced by Solomon in his restating of the theme of Proverbs, is humility, or reverence, toward God. Bending the knees of our hearts to Him leads to wisdom, God’s heart intersecting with street smarts. Ironically, our solution to conflict is two objects that occupy the same space at the same time. It’s a picture of the cross, the vertical, God’s heart, intersecting with the horizontal, street smarts.

Solomon communicated that a person with understanding, or insight, is led by the Holy Spirit: “Knowledge of the Holy One is understanding” (Proverbs 9:10). Knowledge is intimacy, one’s innermost being experiencing another’s. Consequently, knowledge is a relationship where two hearts connect through trust. In order to be understanding, we must trust in the Spirit of God with all our hearts.

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Solomon recorded one of the weightiest sayings in Proverbs to explain how we connect our hearts with God’s: “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight” (Proverbs 3:5-6). Rather than trusting in our own fallen understanding, we trust wholeheartedly in God. Being led by the invisible power of the Holy Spirit makes us understanding. Solomon went on to say that when we gain understanding, we are blessed (see Proverbs 3:13). This blessing comes in the form of intimacy with God that leads to reconciled relationships from managing conflict wisely.

Experience the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and understanding, by memorizing Proverbs 9:10. Recite it each day for the next week.

Live the Word
The determining factor of whether we are Sprit-led can be five seconds. The Five-Second Rule is taking five seconds before every telephone call, text, email, encounter, social media post, or meeting to ask the Holy Spirit, “What do you want me to do?” This refocuses our hearts on trusting the heart of God who gives us the power to understand the hearts of others and manage conflict wisely.

This month, live by the Five-Second Rule. Be Spirit-led. Before every telephone call, text, email, encounter, social media post, or meeting, ask the Spirit of God to lead you. Prior to words or actions flowing from your body, ask Him, “What do you want me to do?” You will experience intimacy with God and insight into others.

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