Delayed Obedience is Better than Disguised Disobedience (Matthew 21:31-32)

Is God asking you to take a risk? Jesus taught that saying “No,” then doing, “Yes” with God is better than saying, “Yes,” then doing, “No.” Delayed obedience, saying, “No,” then doing, “Yes,” has a relationship with our heavenly Father. Jesus taught the chief priests and elders: “I tell you the truth, the tax collectors and the prostitutes are entering the kingdom of God ahead of you” (Matthew 21:31). Tax collectors and prostitutes were considered the bottom of society and despised by the religious. When encountering either, a first century Jew would move far enough away so that he might not be touched by his or her shadow.

Jesus defined obedience as the behavior of the wise (see Matthew 7:24).

Disguised disobedience has no relationship with our heavenly Father (see Matthew 21:32). Saying, “Yes,” then doing, “No,” has only an appearance of intimacy with God. Jesus revealed: “For John came to you to show you the way of righteousness and you did not believe him, but the tax collectors and the prostitutes did. And even after you saw this, you did not repent and believe him” (Matthew 21:32). John the Baptist had commanded the Pharisees and Sadduccees to repent (see Matthew 3:7-10). Ironically, the chief priests and elders, represented by the Pharisees and Sadduccees, had spoken affirmation of John the Baptist (see John 5:35). However, they did not actually repent when commanded to do so (see Matthew 21:23-27).

Jesus defined disobedience as the behavior of the foolish (see Matthew 7:26).

This week, read James 1:22-25; 1 John 3:7-8; and 3 John 11. Do you have an eternal relationship with the Father? You will know by your actions. If you wisely obey Him, by grace through faith in Christ, then you have intimacy with God. If you only speak of it, but maintain control of your own life, then you do not. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal His calling for your life and then do what He requests. The Spirit’s prompting will be consistent with His word, His life, and wise counsel from His people.

Obey God and become a doer of His Word. You will discover intimacy with Him.

Episode 240: Parable of the Two Sons from mitchkrusetv on Vimeo.