3 Connections of Life: We Connect with Others in Christ (1 John 1:2)

Do you wake up every morning thinking about how to connect with those around you to draw them closer to Christ? After we first connect with God, receiving the electricity of the Holy Spirit, God wants us to connect with others in Christ. Jesus’ disciple, John, focused on this effort: “The life appeared; we have seen it and testify to it, and we proclaim to you the eternal life, which was with the Father and has appeared to us” (1 John 1:2). God fills us with His Holy Spirit who ordains and equips us to communicate the heart of Jesus to those who are outside an eternal and abundant relationship with Him. This is the single most significant opportunity they will ever have, and the Holy Spirit empowers us as a living invitation to the biggest celebration in Heaven.

An electrical current flows through the prongs and cord to an appliance and then back to the left vertical outlet, which is the neutral slot. Similarly, the Holy Spirit flows through us to those we encounter. When we are intentional about connecting Christ with everyone we meet, God works mightily through us to transform both our hearts and theirs. Our work, our hobbies, and our families become opportunities to invite others to experience abundant and eternal life.

Each day for the next week, ask God to bring His life to those you encounter. Pray for the specific person in your world who is outside a relationship with Christ. Read a chapter in the Bible, with this friend in mind. Then look for opportunities to live out what you have read in your daily choices as you look eyes with them by being SALT: Serve, Ask, Listen, and Touch. Serve them by meeting a need. Ask questions about their life. Listen intently to their answers. Touch your story where it connects with theirs. You will discover that they will begin to ask you questions about your faith.

Episode 414: 1 John Prologue | 3 Connections of Life (1 John 1:1-4) from mitchkrusetv on Vimeo.