Locked Boxes

Have you noticed that the most valuable commodities in the world are locked in boxes? I was visiting a customer of mine who lived in a European castle with a bombproof box crafted below ground and secured with an elaborate combination lock. As my anticipation grew, he unlocked the door, revealing the world’s two most […]

Perfection versus Excellence

Are you a perfectionist? My perfectionism drove me toward a need to be right all the time. As a result, I discovered that my need to be right all the time led to me being wrong much of the time. The more I tried to be perfect, the more imperfect I became. God calls us […]

Refusing to Take the Shot

Often times we sin by leaving good undone. Using a basketball illustration, we step up to the line with the basketball in our hands, knowing what to do, and refuse to take the shot. James noted, “Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins” (James 4:17). When we […]

Missing on Purpose

Anomia is a Greek word for sin that literally means “no law.” It is breaking the law, or committing a transgression-which is stepping over the line. Using a basketball illustration, this is missing on purpose, similar to the first sin in the Garden. Adam knew what was wrong, he understood the consequences, and he sinned […]