eBay’s publicly traded stock had skyrocketed onto the market. Their unprecedented escalation stemmed from their 95 percent share in the Internet auction business. In my first meeting with them to discuss their acquisition of our company, I asked, “What keeps a company like Microsoft from flicking you off the map?” I made a gesture at […]

“God, Open or Close the Door”

After years of being in the auction business and never being approached by a prospective buyer for our company, suddenly suitors pursued us when “auction” became the biggest buzzword on the Internet. I began the due diligence process with an investment banker who was enthusiastic about the prospect of taking our high-profile company public. He […]

The Master ABC Encourager

Sonny and Cathy Gandee were friends who bought and sold hundreds of muscle cars at our auctions over the years. I had invited them to fly with us to an auction in the southern United States. Just before takeoff from Auburn, I asked Sonny where he got his name. “My dad. He played for the […]

ABC Encourager: Comforter

Chris Schenkel, the ABC Sportscaster and Encourager, not only was aware of those he encountered whom he built up; he was also a comforter. Comfort literally means “to call alongside.” It comes from the Latin, com meaning “together” and fortis which is translated “strong.” Consequently, comfort means that we come alongside someone in order to […]