The ‘Need’ For Greed

Do you respond to God’s generosity and the needs of others with greed? Has your attempt at self-restoration been about what you can gain, or has it been about protecting what you are afraid to lose? Have you tried to be restored, but your self-ambition has pulled you away from living generously? If you answer […]

Posturing Greed

We must beware of discriminating against the rich in order to help the poor (Exodus 23:3). This is posturing greed. Posturing greed is pretense: helping the poor with a disguised internal jealousy against the rich. We attempt to pursue social justice apart from the loving heart of God. Too often, our hearts for social justice […]


Do you ever show favoritism? Favoritism is giving the gift to ourselves and misses out on intimacy with God (James 2:8-9). It flows from a partially surrendered heart. We show favoritism to those we coach, lead, manage, or serve. We might do so out of fear of losing something or hope in gaining something. However, […]