Me Too

Do you condemn others? Jesus linked a condemning heart with the eyes, or one’s perspective. Borrowing an illustration from His construction days, He said that the antidote to a condemning heart was to take the plank out of our own eye so that we can see clearly enough to help someone with the speck in […]

Condemning, Careless, or Connected?

Have you ever struggled with how you should go to others with the gospel of full surrender to the Restorer? When a person is caught in his sin, desiring life apart from God, we tend to go to him in one of two extremes: we are either condemning or careless. These responses are rooted in […]

Theology Proper – Christ

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The Spirit’s Power

One morning at a restaurant, I invited my waitress to our Wednesday evening gathering at church. She accepted and, before I left the restaurant, she had asked all of her co-workers to join her. Neither she nor I realized what God had in store. That evening, I asked a new believer to share his story […]

Addiction and Surrender

While praying with a young woman to surrender her life to Christ after a church service, her husband listened intently, but declined to surrender that same night. The Refiner’s fire must have been scorching because the following week her husband, who had lost his law practice due to his cocaine addiction, returned to our Wednesday […]