Good, Bad, or Humble?

Our goodness can be just as much of a barrier to God as our badness because we often trust in it. Jesus told a parable that became known as “The Prodigal Son.” However, Jesus never titled it by that name. Instead, He described two sons, with the climax of the story focusing on the elder […]

The Clay Heart of the Father

What would happen if you surrendered your desires vertically to the Restorer and became significant in the grace of God, content in the peace of God, under control in the power of God, and secure in the truth of God? If you trusted in godliness rather than your giftedness, would you transfer the satisfaction of […]

Restoring the Stonehearted

Have you interpreted a relationship with God as a religious set of rules that have left you feeling insignificant, out of control, insecure, and discontent? In one of the greatest stories ever told, Jesus described an elder son with a stone heart, one that was legalistic, rigid, and immovable. The father offered the same satisfaction […]

Restoring the Sand-Hearted

In Jesus’ trilogy parable (Luke 15), the prodigal son exhibited a sand heart, one that was loose and licentious, scattered in the wind. The father satisfied the desires of his sand-hearted younger son through the gift of restoration. When the younger son returned home, sandals were placed on his feet, which transformed him from a […]

Relating The Gospel To Others

How do you relate the gospel of Christ to others? When we fully surrender our desires to the Restorer, we translate His satisfying restoration to others. This is a secret that I will only share with you. The apostle Paul used four nouns to describe the gospel of God’s restoration, which we share with others: […]