Authentic Church

AUTHENTIC CHURCH When attempting to make my business a ministry, I was deeply impacted by a Bible teacher, and local church leader, who talked openly about his liabilities. I had listened to every one of his messages for almost seven years. He opened me to the idea of the continual process of restoration — that […]

Lost and Found

Shortly after our sale of our company, I suffered post-business LOST syndrome: Lack of Stressful Transactions. After the first five consecutive stay-at-home weekends of my life, I began to feel like a failure. I thought there was something wrong with me. I realized that these feelings were the result of the absence of deal-making in […]


When it comes to your career, you want to make sure that your GATE is unlocked and open for ministry right where you are. You can categorize four key components of your life using the acronym GATE: G: Gifts A: Abilities T: Talent E: Experiences Gifts include your spiritual gifts. Abilities are your learned skills. […]

The Restorative Change Equation

Are you contemplating a job or career change? Restorative change places the value of the process over the results. When I was discerning what I had believed was God’s prompting to become a direct carrier of His message of restoration, I became aware of the following change equation: Dissatisfaction with the present state (DPS) plus […]