Be Falsehood Free

Have you ever broken your word? When we do so, we say one thing and do another. Our walk doesn’t match our talk. In His fourth of six examples of inside out righteousness, Jesus taught His disciples to be falsehood free. He said that a disciple’s walk should match his talk. The Old Testament Command: […]

Be Divorce Free

Have you or anyone in your immediate family been divorced? Divorce means “to go separate ways.” A couple cannot divorce unless they have first been married. God designed marriage for the man to leave his family, cleave to his wife, and weave his life with hers (Genesis 2:24). Consequently, God hates divorce (Malachi 2:16). In […]

Be Adultery Free

How many times have you committed adultery? Jesus said that it might be more than you think. With the invention of Internet pornography, adultery in our world might be at an all-time high. In His second of six examples of inside out righteousness, Jesus taught his disciples to be adultery free. The Old Testament command: […]

Be Anger Free

  Have you ever been angry…today? Anger is an emotion that moves us to a physiological response. It is possible to be angry and not sin (Ephesians 4:26). Anger is a secondary emotion that follows a combination of three primary emotions: hurt, fear, or frustration. Usually, it works like this. Our emotions are stuck in […]

Be Obedient

Did your parents ever say, “Do as I say, not as I do?” Our parents knew what was right and yet realized that they would fall short. Aware that we would not only listen to their words, but also watch their behavior, they couched their inevitable disparity in word and deed with “Do as I […]