Pure In Heart?

Have you seen God lately? Jesus taught, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God” (Matthew 5:8). The Bible uses the word “pure” most frequently to reference precious metal, usually gold. Precious metals must be refined to become pure. This process involves intense heat that brings impurities to the top of the […]

Three Acts of Righteousness – Part 2

What, why, and how do you pray? Do you pray solely for your personal comfort and abundance? What would happen if you prayed for what God prayed? Listen to Mitch’s latest radio show on WBCL. Click to download worksheet.

Impurities of the Heart

What do you add to your devotion to God to satisfy your desires? The equation usually looks like this: God + blank = satisfaction. What do you place in your blank? It might be money, sex outside of God’s design, porn, risk, a rush, a smoke, a toke, a drink, or a line. It might […]

Security In Truth

Are you insecure? Before you answer that, take this short quiz. Do you ever worry? Do you struggle with criticism? Are you disappointed that nothing seems to last or stay new? Do you attempt to reconcile conflict without asking for God’s help? Do you have a fear of being misunderstood? Do you constantly seek the […]

Control in God’s Power

Does your life ever feel out of control? Do you rush from one task to the next, attempting to make some sense of your journey through life? Unfortunately, we often make foolish choices to run our lives apart from God, the one who gave us the desire for control to serve Him by serving others […]