On the Other Side of Every Expense is a Person

Have you ever considered the relationships on the other side of your expenses? If not, take a moment to reflect on the names and faces on the other side of your needs and wants. Have you generously used your resources to serve them, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms, or have you used […]

Pursuing More and Having Less

Having a greedy perspective toward my treasure led to me having less. Like the prodigal son, money slipped like sand through my fingers. Ironically, when I had less than nothing, I was finally ready to surrender my treasure to the Restorer. This meant that I would have to undertake many humbling face-to-face meetings and telephone […]

Tithes and Offering

If you were raised in the church, you probably encountered the ongoing debate over tithes and offerings. Tithe means, “tenth.” You may ask yourself, “Do I tithe off the gross or the net? Do I have to give to a church, or can I give to another non-profit? Is it acceptable to spend my treasure […]

Restoring our Treasure

In order to be restored to authenticity, we need to surrender our treasure. We can get one rather obvious indication of how we’re managing our treasure by looking at our checking accounts. Our checkbook registers reveal the costs of our needs: mortgage or rent payments, school tuition, groceries, utilities, gas for our cars, and the […]