Be Perfect?

Are you an organized person? Are your DVD’s in alphabetical order? Are the clothes in your closet color coordinated in the different seasons? Are your house and car spotless? Is your desk free of clutter? Or do you seek all these things yet feel like a failure because you don’t measure up to your personal […]

Confessions of a Recovering Perfectionist

My daughter texted me from college after her volleyball practice inquiring why she was so emotionally linked to her mistakes on the court. Here is what I shared. “Emotions are a function of expectations, or beliefs. You enjoy the game, and you have trained heavily, so you take a high level of ownership. That torches […]


The one thing we are guaranteed on the journey down Restoration Road is change. Each of us has been locked in pride’s prison of pretense from separating the vertical from the horizontal, our relationship with God from our relationship with others. It often looks like this. We maintain a legalistic stone heart on Sunday and […]

An Audience of One

March 10, 2002 was a defining marker for me on Restoration Road. Pastor Kelly Byrd had invited me to preach at Blackhawk on Sunday morning, since he would be traveling back to his California hometown for his birthday. I jumped at the chance to communicate what God had done with my life up to that […]

Speed Bumps

Are you hindered from becoming active in your local church due to your past sins? Restoration Road can include a few speed bumps: stone and sand. When I sold my business to pursue my Masters and Doctorate degrees in Theology, the reactions of stone hearts, like the older brother in Jesus’ trilogy, hampered me from […]