Connect with His Heart Like a Lego (Proverbs 20:5)

In order to listen and lead the difficult person, we must make at least four wise movements: (1) connect with his heart like a Lego (Proverbs 20:5); (2) deflect his difficult behavior like a shield (Proverbs 17:9); (3) reflect his heart like a mirror (Proverbs 27:19); and (4) direct him toward wisdom like a highway […]

Leading Difficult People Through Listening (James 1:19)

Have you ever encountered a difficult person? At least four exist. They include the aggressive, the complainer, the people pleaser, and the passive resistive. The first two are direct in their challenges. The latter two are indirect. Beware, the difficult person might be you! Each of us has a bent toward one of these behaviors; […]